About Lizzard Fashion

“Lizzy lizzard”-  was nickname Liz’s brothers, used to tease her with.  

Lizzy lizzard is now a scientist studying the genes and pathways that lead to cancer initiation, progression and metastasis. She studied biochemistry at Boston College, went on to pursue a Master’s degree in chemistry at the University of Cambridge in England and completed PhD at Harvard University in Biological in Biomedical Sciences.

Despite having an amazing experience, Liz was frustrated with comments she didn’t fit the mold of a typical scientist.  There is a misconception that the life of a scientist is somehow lackluster.  Science is an adventure.  Science is exciting.  Science is cool.

“I love what I do and I wanted to find a way to share my passion for science with a larger audience,” Liz has said, “and I also love fashion."

As a result Lizzard Fashion was created. Lizzard offers fashion-forward clothing with a science twist.  Not only does each item display a topic in science but partial proceeds are donated to the "Lizzard Dare to Know Scholarship" to support the fight against cancer. Science inspires fashion and fashion supports science.  All apparel is printed using eco-friendly water based ink. At Lizzard we seek to make geek chic.

Lizzard, making science fashionable.